OUR Story We Are Authentic Folks

Our Story

We came together through the passion and belief that creativity is vital to building and growing companies. We create in a way that serves others and not just ourselves. We are passionate about solving problems and building products that empower our clients to success. We love working with amazing humans that believe in collaboration and partnership and working on amazing projects that work for humans.

We Launch Brands

Toi can facilitate and execute full and immersive brand launches or rebrands for businesses and digital marketing campaigns. Through collaboration and strategy we create brand filters that dictate and guide brand decision making.

We Craft Experiences

Toi can discover and design for the needs of the users and consumers of your business. Through our user-centered design process, we collaborate with you to empathize with and create solutions for the people who will interact with your brand, business,and product. Through exercises and frameworks, we generate strategies, tactics, and design that include information architecture, user flows, and visual solutions that include UI design and web design that come together to create an immersive and empathetic digital experience.

We Facilitate Growth

Toi can use design centered strategy to partner with and advise startups and companies during various stages of their growth process. Through our process, we can discover and find clarity in business goals & objectives and the obstacles that are blocking the achievement of these goals. We diagnose and recommend strategy and tactics that can make an impact towards company culture and create a bridge between the goals of the business and the users and consumers needed to fulfill those goals.

We're driven by our core beliefs


Makes the dreamwork, collaboration both internally and with stakeholders is key to our process and success.

Be Authentic

A core value of our company and everyone in it. We operate like a family, we tell each other what is going on, plain and simple. Transparency and authenticity is our way of being.

be Compassionate

We’re all Humans. We never forget that. Everything we do is rooted in empathy and human understanding.

Stay Humble

We don’t have company titles, we have project roles. We’re all humans and great ideas can come from anyone.

Never Sacrifice, Get Creative

Great brands do everything great. It’s that simple. If the budget isn’t enough, let’s get creative to find a way to be the best in your space

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning We’ve been in this game a long time. Some of us were once called “webmasters.” We believe in constantly learning, from each other, from mentors, from workshops, from articles, from… you! (seriously, our clients are all a bunch of TED talks).

Guided by Our History

We’ve been in the digital startup/agency game for over 20 years. We’ve watched things evolve and change quite a bit… not just in our industry, but in the world. We believe every company that is up to big things should build a strong brand.

Our clients have raised almost 2 billion dollars

Our ultimate driver is the success of our clients. We celebrate the wins of who we work with over winning awards.

We’ve learned from the best

Our leadership team has had the privilege of studying with the best in the UX, Entrepreneurial, and Branding spaces.

The core team has founded 12 companies

We love working with startups because we love starting companies ourselves. We are a company for founders by founders..

Toi has worked with 96 clients in 7 years

We've seen and done a lot in seven years. While each engagement is unique, our experience leads us to great solutions.

9 Toi clients have been acquired

We love partnering with our clients in building a foundation that leads to tangible long term success.

We are fully remote, we work from home, we work at co-working spaces, we can come to you.


We’re an agency that will work closely with you. No intermediaries. We craft a specific production team for your project who you will work with for the lifetime of our partnership for continuity.

David Demember
Betty Demember
Zach Hill
Head of Strategy
Aaron Wilson
Head of User Experience
Sam Kala
Technology Stategist

The Toi leadership team is comprised of an experienced group of leaders who have managed brands for startups, non-profit/benefit companies, enterprise/corporations and SMBs.