Design Sprints Design, Prototype, and test big ideas fast.


Why should you run a design sprint:

Let’s face it, traditional design and engineering processes typically take months, sometimes years to execute or discover solutions to both simple and complex ideas. Today’s business world is moving faster than ever and companies must learn to innovate and execute quickly. With the design sprint, you can take months of work and condense it down to a couple of weeks.


A design sprint is perfect for:

  • Testing and validating new products or features
  • Creating solutions for specific challenges of a user experience
  • Validating and surfacing brand and business positions
  • Getting “unstuck” when your team is stuck.

    The process:

    The design sprint is a 4 day process that leaves you with a working and tested prototype at the end of the week.





    We work with experts in the industry and the leadership of the business we are working with to define challenges and begin to discover and surface solutions and goals for the sprint.

    We sketch and vote on the best solutions and create a storyboard of the prototype to define what will be designed and executed for the rest of the sprint.

    We build a realistic prototype based off of what was discovered in the first two days of the Sprint.

    We test the prototype with real users and use the results of the tests as the foundation for the next steps of the process.


    We did a design sprint! Now what?

    After the design sprint you will have a working and user tested prototype. There are many routes companies take after a sprint, here are just a few:

  • Have an iteration follow up week to refine and polish the prototype to get it ready for production.
  • Use the prototype as a jumping off point to test and launch new ideas and executions.
  • Run additional design sprints on either the same prototype or for other challenges the company is facing.
  • WHY US

    Why should you run a design sprint with Toi?

    Toi has been an agency on the forefront of innovation and has collaborated with many of the most successful startups and enterprise companies in silicon valley and beyond. Our team of expert facilitators, designers and strategists have conducted over 50 creative workshops and design sprints. Toi brings a unique blend of design thinking and business experience that is perfect for 2-6 week consulting and facilitation scenarios. They can work as a starting point for an engagement with Toi or your own internal team.

    From the earliest stages of design and development, all the way through to deployment, their team was professional, helpful, and attentive to the needs of our organization

    David FaulknerUC Berkeley
    “Toi was flexible and patient throughout the entire process, from pitching to delivery. If I was an eBay buyer I would rate A++++++ would do business with them again!!”

    Nic ChangRed Bull records
    Working with the team at Toi to completely overhaul our website and e-commerce was not only a pleasure, but a remarkably simple and collaborative experience.