What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a 4 day process for discovering new concepts, testing big ideas, and building or improving products, websites, or experiences. It compresses months of work into a few days.

Why run a sprint?

Design Sprints are perfect for kicking off big projects, making major decisions or testing new ideas. The process is great for saving a lot of time and resources while getting a diverse group of people to work together.

The process

Design Sprints take all the elements of design thinking and condenses them into an intense design hack-a-thon style process. On day 1, we talk with you to define the challenges and work towards creating solutions for the sprint. On day 2, we decide what exactly to design. Day 3, we produce a high-fidelity prototype or mock-up that we test with real users on day 4.



Discover & prioritize challenges to focus on. Develop solutions for those challenges.



Determine the best solutions and begin designing for them.



Create a prototype based on the approved solutions and set up user testing.



Test the prototype with real users. Use feedback from user testing to define clear next steps.

What’s Next?

There are a lot of options to consider after a Design Sprint is finished. You could use an additional sprint to iterate and refine the idea. Or take the prototype to other members of an internal team for buy-in and further develop the idea. You can also use the prototype as the launch point for a full project. Or Toi train your team to run more Design Sprints at your company.

Our Events

We’ve partnered with General Assembly and other organizations to
teach the design sprint. Contact us to learn more.

Design Sprint Master Course!

4 week comprehensive training. Become an expert in facilitating Design Sprints.

Design Sprint Training

Design Sprint Training @ General Assembly LA: Day 2 - Solutions and Storyboards

Design Sprint Training

Design Sprint Training @ General Assembly LA: Day 3/4 - Designing & Testing

Design Sprint Training

Design Sprint Training @ General Assembly SF: Day 3/4 - Designing & Testing