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Betty DeMember - Toi Design Sprint Facilitator

Toi is an agency driven by the idea that discovery, strategy, research and design can lead to a better understanding of the problems and solutions companies and organizations face every day. Our mission and purpose are to provide alignment and clarity to big ideas and challenges so that great ideas can lead to great execution.



We know, every agency says that. So how are we different?! We’re entrepreneurs who operate in the world of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design Sprints, MVPs. This is how we have competed against big agencies for 8 years; by proving our success over and over with startups, non-profits and enterprise companies that are serious about innovation and results.



We do more than run workshops and design products. We educate our client partners along the way. The more knowledge everyone has, the better the collaboration. Many of our clients incorporate elements of our workshops into their in-house processes.


Everything we do is based off of design thinking principles. We believe that brand, growth and design are the triforce of success. Only when they work together can you achieve your goals. We have a sprint for everything and we build project plans like Legos blocks. Design Sprint, Brand Sprints, Growth Sprints…Success!


Two of our co-founders, David and Nicole DeMember, attended the first Summit at Sea conference in 2011. 2500 founders, investors and NGO leaders on a ship with some of the world’s most accomplished icons in business, entertainment and politics, all with the shared goal of transforming what it means to do business (and to be human) in the 21st century.

Back on land, it became clear: start a company that makes an impact on people and the world. For the past 8 years, Toi has grown up inside the Summit community, working with many of its members to create innovative and impactful products and campaigns. We keep it simple—be a good person and do great work.

Our Events

We’ve partnered with General Assembly and other organizations to
teach the design sprint. Contact us to learn more.

Design Sprint Bootcamp!

2 day comprehensive training. Become an expert in facilitating Design Sprints.

Design Sprint Training

Design Sprint Training @ General Assembly LA: Day 2 - Solutions and Storyboards

Design Sprint Training

Design Sprint Training @ General Assembly SF: Day 3/4 - Designing & Testing

Design Sprint Training

Design Sprint Training @ General Assembly SF: Day 3/4 - Designing & Testing