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  • Learn from experts with real-world sprint experience.
  • Get our slide decks and templates.
  • Live interactive coaching - recorded for later viewing.
  • Get everything you need to be an expert.
  • Get real-world experience in running sprints.
  • Coaching calls with leaders in the industry.

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What is Design Sprint
Master Course?

The Design Sprint Master Course is a 1-4 week educational program that teaches the design sprint methodology and general design thinking principles through an online remote training experience that will teach you how to run design sprints and bring design thinking to your business or product challenges.

Taught by the people at Toi

Toi is a UX and innovation agency that focuses on using design sprints and design thinking to solve the unique business and product challenges facing startups and enterprise companies. With almost a decade of experience, Toi has helped several companies get serious funding and has helped large companies rethink how they approach problem solving.

What the Course Includes

Real Live Instruction

Interact directly with Toi Founder David DeMember.

Step by step guide

Detailed steps in how to run a Design Sprint on your own.

Take away materials

You get all the materials we use at Toi to run Design Sprints.

4 online bootcamps

4 intense bootcamp sessions where we'll cover every aspect of the process.

4 weekly assignments

Real World assignments to give you a chance to learn during the course.

Video Recordings

All the sessions will be recored for you to go back and reference later.

Training Slides

You will get our training slide deck as well.

Facilitator Checklist

A detailed checklist we use when running our Design Sprints.

Our Clients Love Us!

  • Nicole Patrice Indais

    OMG, the Design Sprint is amazing! David is an incredible coach and an amazing team together. It was fun, fast-paced and easy to absorb everything. We had huge breakthroughs for our company right away and have implemented into our workflows already!

  • Scott Swedberg The Job Sauce

    David took the time to further explain concepts I wasn't clear on, while also knowing when to tell us to “just do it.” The structure of introducing the concept--everyone practice--discuss was an effective balance between being educational and experiential.

  • Jessica Campbell The Job Sauce

    I like how fun and interactive it is!

Is this just another bootcamp?

The short answer is no! With our master course, we want to provide the best of bootcamps and online training into a unique course that will work best for your educational needs.

Bootcamps Online Courses Toi Master Course
Industry Leading Experience
Meet Great People
Coaching Calls
4 Week Course
Live Online Training
Global Access
Training Videos
One on One coaching

Meet Your Instructor

David Demember Founder of Toi

David is a co-founder of Toi and a Design Sprint Facilitator. David has trained and facilitated workshops for Sennheiser, Qualcomm, Glide, WeWork, Comcast, Red Bull, Kraft, NBC/Universal, NBA, Jansport. (to name a few ;) Besides teaching Design Sprints, he loves coaching youth sports as well!

Read how we used the Design Sprint to help WeWork.

WeWork has established itself as the leading company for co-work spaces globally and is consistently looking for new ways to innovate and build new business models. In 2019, WeWork has been looking for new monetization paths in the run-up to its IPO this year… So they reached out to Toi to test and design a new service model. By completing the entire project in a month as opposed to a “normal” enterprise cycle that typically would take 4–6 months, WeWork was able to pivot without incurring any major losses.

Read The Article

See What You’ll Learn

  • One on one coaching call
  • Course onboarding
  • Understanding and framing the problem you want to solve for
  • Pre-Sprint UX Research
  • Establishing Key Metrics(How will we measure success?)
  • HMW Questions
  • Long Term Goals
  • Can We Questions
  • User Journey Map
  • Lightning Demos
  • 4 Part Sketching
  • Voting on the sketches
  • Creating the storyboard
  • Preparing for the prototype
  • Prototype process, tips, and tricks
  • User testing process, tips, and tricks
  • What you can do after the sprint is done
  • Post sprint course coaching call
  • Enter the online community
  • Course recordings for later viewing
Why is this great for Startups

Often times startups and small businesses run into product or growth challenges where design thinking methodologies can go a long way to solving those problems. Design Sprints is the perfect introduction towards integrating modern problem solving and design thinking practices within your company culture and overall organizational practices.

Why is this great for Designers

Often times designers are asked to create user experiences or user interfaces based on predetermined feature lists and spec documents based on stakeholder assumption. Design sprints provide designers with the opportunity to bring a specific framework to the business table and offer design thinking and strategy to the decision-making process before design actually begins.

Why is this great for Product Managers

Often times one of the primary responsibilities of product managers is to create consistently a high level of clarity and alignment between designers, engineers, and stakeholders. The design sprint offers a tool for product managers to get a diverse array of people within their company or organization to work together to create solutions to advance the overall product development.

Why is this great for EVERYBODY!

One of the best parts of the design sprint is that it allows virtually anybody and everybody to participate and learn the basics of the design thinking process. The design sprint is a problem solving framework that you can apply to any challenge you are facing as an individual or company in ways that go beyond traditional UX or design problems.

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First Session Calendar January 2020


January 7th

5-9pm PST

Pre-Sprint Establishing the Goals


January 14th

5-9pm PST

Creating the Solutions


January 21st

5-9pm PST

Finalizing the Solutions


January 28th

5-9pm PST

Designing, Testing, and Post Sprint Work

Frequently Asked Questions

While 2-day bootcamps are great , they often feel overwhelming as there is so much to cover. Four separate classes allows people to digest the information and review the work we did in between classes.
Yes! You will get all the information you need to facilitate sprints at your company or for clients.
No! Anyone can learn to facilitate Design Sprints!
You will be learning from David DeMember, the founder of Toi. David has run over 70 workshops and trained hundreds of people to run Design Sprints.