The Design Sprint Master Course

The Design Sprint Master Course is a 4+ week educational program that teaches the Design Sprint methodology and general design thinking principles through an online remote training experience that will fully prepare you to run design sprints and bring design thinking to business or product challenges.

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You will actually participate in all the exercises needed to run. design sprints. Get real world experience.


Be a part of a community of other people while you learn the Design Sprint metholodogy.

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Be fully prepared to run sprints on your own with all the materials you'll need to look like a pro!

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We're going to teach you everything we know about design sprints. You'll get certified by a reputable agency.

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About the Instructor

What People Say

We deliver time and time again. For over 20 years, David has worked with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Bruno Schirch

Managing Director
Riot Games

David is one of the most talented creatives I have worked with. Amazing workshops that make magic happen beyond expectations. I'm a repeat client, enough said. 

James Toney

SVP Innovation
20th Century Fox

The Toi team is filled with innovative processes. There is no problem, digital or otherwise, that I wouldn't consider bringing them in to help solve.

William Gillespie

Vice President
NBC Universal

David brings energy and passion to everything he does. His process is set up to deliver and in every instance together we have been successful.

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David is a co-founder of Toi and a Design Sprint Facilitator. David has launched 10 companies including, a Design Sprint Agency. He has trained and facilitated workshops for Sennheiser, Qualcomm, Glide, WeWork, Comcast, Red Bull, Kraft, NBC/Universal, NBA, Jansport. 

David DeMember

  • Learn from experts with real-world sprint experience.
  • Get our slide decks and templates.
  • Live interactive coaching - recorded for later viewing.
  • Get everything you need to be an expert.
  • Get real-world experience in running sprints.
  • Coaching calls with leaders in the industry.
  • Live, online training, not pre-recorded videos.
  • It’s a 4+ weeks course where you get a month to learn, vs just 1 or 2 days like typical bootcamps.
  • 2 days is just not enough to learn how to run your own sprints.
  • You’ll get assignments in between bootcamp sessions and will get feedback on them.
  • We break down all the key components of the Design Sprint to give you a deeper understanding so you are ready to run your own design sprints.
  • Coaching calls
  • Meet great people!
  • Do this course from anywhere in the world.
  • You get an opportunity to work directly with a 20-year startup and agency founder who has run over 60 sprints.
  • Real interactions with live instructors.
  • All the inside tips we've learned over the years.
  • Step by step guide on how to run design sprints.
  • Take away material that you can use after the course has concluded.
  • Coaching calls
  • 4 online bootcamps
  • 4 weekly assignments
  • Lifetime access to bootcamp recordings
  • Training Slides
  • Summary Template
  • Facilitator Checklist

What the course includes

How is this different?

Why is this great for Startups?
Often times startups and small businesses run into product or growth challenges where design thinking methodologies can go a long way to solving those problems. Design Sprints is the perfect introduction towards integrating modern problem solving and design thinking practices within your company culture and overall organizational practices.

Why is this great for Designers
Often times designers are asked to create user experiences or user interfaces based on predetermined feature lists and spec documents based on stakeholder assumption. Design sprints provide designers with the opportunity to bring a specific framework to the business table and offer design thinking and strategy to the decision making process before design actually begins.

Why is this great for Product Managers
Often times one of the primary responsibilities of product managers is to create consistently a high level of clarity and alignment between designers, engineers, and stakeholders. The design sprint offers a tool for product managers to get a diverse array of people within their company or organization to work together to create solutions to advance the overall product development.

Why is this great for EVERYBODY!
One of the best parts of the design sprint is that it allows virtually anybody and everybody to participate and learn the basics of the design thinking process. The design sprint is a problem solving framework that you can apply to any challenge you are facing as an individual or company in ways that go beyond traditional UX or design problems.


Week 1
Pre Sprint
Problem Framing
Pre-Sprint UX Research
Establishing Key Metrics
Establishing the Goals 
HMW Questions
Long Term Goals
Can We Questions
Week 2
Creating the Solutions
User Journey Map
Lightning Demos
4 Part Sketching
Week 3
Finalizing the Solutions
Voting on the sketches
Creating the storyboard
Preparing for the prototype
Week 4
Designing, Testing, and Post Sprint Work
Prototype techniques, tips, and tricks
User testing techniques, tips, and tricks
What you can do after the sprint is done
Completion Week
One post sprint course coaching call 

What is the curriculum?

Who is this for?

Tuition and Dates

Our goal is to make this accessible and affordable for everyone while getting quality time with experienced coaches.

Dates and Times

  • Onboarding (scheduled)
  • Jan 7: 5 pm - 9 pm (PST)
  • Jan 14: 5 pm - 9 pm (PST)
  • Jan 21: 5 pm - 9 pm (PST)
  • Jan 28: 5 pm - 9 pm (PST)
  • Completion (scheduled)


$1595 - Full price

$1395 - Early-bird