We worked with these social impact veterans to transform their digital brand presence using Brand Sprints and Design Sprints.


  • Brand Sprint
    Digital Brand Strategy
    Design Sprint
  • UX Design
    UI Design


There were 2 major goals. 1) How do we use the website to inform marginalized individuals and families who rely on Glide's services for survival? 2) How do we modernize Glide’s well-established brand within the San Francisco impact community and leverage that reputation to forge stronger connections online?


Brand Sprints revealed pain points for both the organization and user in offering an online experience that worked for diverse personas ranging from large donors and everyday volunteers to the most marginalized clients requiring Glide's assistance.



Starting with a thorough SEO and UX research audit to determine our goals, we then ran our Brand Sprint to assist the Glide team in crafting their voice. Finally, we ran multiple Design Sprints in order to reduce the size and complexity of the existing site, resulting in a more streamlined UX for all users.

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By reducing friction in navigating the website on desktop and mobile and enhancing digital communications with users, traffic to has dramatically scaled-up by 40% while the bounce rate has decreased 10%. Most importantly, donations and use of services have both increased accordingly.

Robert Avila

Toi has been an exceptional partner to us. They took time and care to learn from us at every turn, attentive to our concerns, our varied needs and the culture of the organization. They led us through a dynamic and rewarding process that put multiple ideas and wishes into a comprehensive, harmonious plan; and the result was a beautiful and flexible website that we’ll use for years as a vital expression and extension of our mission. The team members at Toi were as passionate as we were about the work, always open to our perspectives and astute in their feedback. Not only were they all pro, but they were genuinely fun to work with, too. We feel very fortunate.

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Design Sprint Training

Design Sprint Training @ General Assembly SF: Day 3/4 - Designing & Testing